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Nearly 40 years ago International News spawned an urban streetwear revolution. Today it's back – hearkening back to days of old, and paving the way forward.

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International NEWS DEBUT

Seattle Streetwear

A legend is born and immediately stocked across the nation - including illustrious boutiques Fred Segal, Filenes, Bens, & It’s the Ritz.

From it's founding days, Int'l News product has been inspired and created by highly motivated young creatives with a focus on innovation and thinking beyond the rules.

seattle retail


In 1984 International News introduces Zebraclub, a breakthrough concept in retail merchandising, located in downtown Seattle.

A new line

Fine Dress Wear

The start of International News Fine Wear and Dress product saw men sporting blazers and pants to parties and clubs.

Designer Denim

Mecca usa

International News spawns Mecca USA, an influential and transformational brand, with expansive roots in the hip hop community.